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AD&D Deities:  Orcs
  Orcs have a pantheon of evil gods headed by the unblinking warrior Gruumsh.

 Gruumsh leads the orcish armies against the goblin armies in the afterlife, and is seldom worshipped by non-orcs; however, a player character half-orc of his alignment might choose this lawful evil greater god.  Those who are not his clerics never speak his name, referring to him as He Who Watches or He Who Never Sleeps.  He requires blood sacrifices, preferring elven blood.  His clerics must sacrifice their left eyes.  As a war god, he is preferred by chieftains and kings.  He is also the fertility god for male orcs.

 Bahgtru is a lesser god worshipped by warriors from among orcs and half-orcs who share his lawful evil alignment.  Son of Gruumsh and Luthic, he is thought to be stupid and unmotivated, but incredibly strong.  His clerics must have a strength of at least 16, and may not wear armor; stronger clerics may send weaker clerics on to the afterlife without their consent.  He is the preferred war god of the common soldier.

 Shargaas the Night Lord is the neutral evil god of thieves, assassins, and those who do evil under cover of darkness.  Clerics of this lesser god are always dual classed as thieves or assassins.

 Ilneval is another lesser god worshipped by orcish warriors who share his lawful evil alignment.  He is Gruumsh's principle lieutenant, and commands the army when his superior is unavailable.  His followers tend to be drawn from the ranks of the officers of the orcish armies, rather than the highest or lowest.  His clerics are expected to be good tacticians and leaders.

 Yurtrus the White-handed is the God of Death and Disease.  Neutral evil with lawful tendencies, this lesser god is worshipped by assassins and others who profit from death.  He has no mouth, and so the expression "when White-hand speaks" is an orcish idiom for "never".  His clerics wear vestments in battle made from the skin of non-orcish humanoids, demihumans, or humans; gloves of the same materials are worn for rituals.  Their preferred weapons are maces shaped as white fists.  Prisoners and slaves are sacrificed when disease strikes orc groups.

 Luthic the Cave Mother is the lesser goddess worshipped by female orcs, and by many males both for her ferocity and her healing.  She is their fertility goddess and their sanctuary.  She is also goddess of caves and caverns, servitude, medicine, and morale.  As wife of Gruumsh, she is Baghtru's mother, and he obeys her above any other.  She is the only deity in the pantheon to have both male and female clerics.  She is lawful evil with neutral tendencies.

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