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AD&D Deities:  Norse
  Norse mythology has been called the most noble religion of all:  it is a tenant of the faith that the evil giants will rise up and destroy the gods in the end (the battle is called Ragnorak), but the gods are good, and should be worshipped and served.  Many of these gods do not permit their clerics the power to heal battle wounds, and cowardice is the most horrid crime a worshipper can commit.

 Odin All Father is Supreme Ruler of the Gods.  This chaotic good greater god is worshipped by all who are not evil.  He cannot raise the dead, and will not heal mortals, but is a potent warrior god who sends his Valkyries to bring the souls of the valiant dead to his council hall, Valhalla.

 Aegir is God of Storms and the Sea.  This lesser god and his worshippers are chaotic neutral.  He swamps ships that have not sacrificed to him, but calms storms for his friends.  His wife is Ran.

 Balder is the God of Beauty, known to some as "Charisma".  This lesser god may grant a two-point increase to the charisma of select mortals, and sometimes invites females of charisma 15 or more to serve him in his home.  He and his followers are neutral good.

 Bragi is a lesser god, God of Poetry, Eloquence, and Song.  He and his worshippers are neutral good, but many bards of other alignments also worship him.  He sometimes rewards bards with knowledge of a legendary treasure.

 Forseti, the Peacemaker, is God of Justice.  A greater god, he and his worshippers are lawful good.  He is the son of Balder.  He never lies.

 Frey is God of Sunshine and the Elves.  This greater god also controls all storms and calms as a weather god.  He and his followers are neutral good.

 Freya is the twin sister of Frey, Goddess of Love and Fertility and leader of the Valkyries.  A greater goddess, she and her followers are neutral good, and she is also worshipped by lovers.

 Frigga is the wife of Odin, Goddess of the Atmosphere, and a greater goddess.  She is worshipped by housewives and those seeking marriage in addition to those who share her lawful neutral alignment.  She also controls the weather.  On rare occasions she saves worshippers who call on her when in mortal danger.

 Heimdall the Bright God is Guardian of the Bifrost Bridge.  This greater god is lawful good, and is worshipped by magic-users in addition to those who share his alignment.  He is sworn enemy of Loki.

 Hel, a greater goddess, is the Goddess of Death.  Although neutral evil herself, she is worshipped by all alignments.  She causes diseases of all sorts.

 Idun is Goddess of Spring and Eternal Youth.  This lesser goddess is chaotic good, but is worshipped by farmers in addition to those who share her alignment.  She is the wife of Bragi.

 Loki is the God of Mischief, Strife, and Fire.  This chaotic evil greater god is worshipped by those who share his alignment.  He is tolerated by the other gods because he is Odin's brother and has saved the gods in the distant past, but is considered most likely to betray the gods to the giants.

 Magni, God of Strength, is a chaotic good lesser god.  He is the son of Thor, worshipped by those who share his alignment.

 Modi, a lesser god, is God of Courage and Berserk Rage.  This son of Thor and his worshippers are chaotic good.

 Sif is Goddess of Excellence and Skill in Battle, a lesser goddess.  She occasionally blesses young warriors dedicated to her when they enter battle.  Wife of Thor, she and her worshippers are chaotic good.

  Surtur is the Lord of the Fire Giants; he is described with the gods of the giants.

 Thor is God of Thunder, a greater godChaotic good himself, he is worshipped by all alignments, especially warriors, those wishing specific weather, and those wanting fair play.  His clerics always fight with hammers.

  Thrym, Lord of the Frost Giants, is described with the gods of the giants.

 Tyr is a greater god, God of War and Law.  Worshipped by warriors of all alignments, he is lawful good himself.

 Uller is the God of Hunting, Archery, and Winter.  This chaotic neutral is worshipped by those of like alignment as a lesser god, but he was once greater, and is still respected by the others, reigning in Odin's stead when needed.  He has been known to help some to survive the winter.

 Vidar, a lesser god, is the chaotic good God of Strength and Silence.  This son of Odin is worshipped by those sharing his alignment, and is known for his silence and his opposition to evil.

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