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AD&D Deities:  Nehwon
  Nehwon was created by Fritz Leiber.  The world description contains strange magicks, deep political tensions, wondrous creatures and monsters, significant background characters, and a variety of deities in and around Lankhmar.  Gods of every alignment dwell together in Godsland, in the astral plane, whence they watch the realms of mortals and send aid at need.

 Aarth was a wizard who became a demigod.  His temples are are extremely influential in Lankhmar, although that may in part be because his clerics are dedicated to discovering the secrets of the people.  He and his followers are lawful neutral.

 Death is a greater god in this mythos, true neutral but worshipped by all alignments.  He has a quota to fill.

 The Gods of Lankhmar are neutral evil demigods worshipped by those who share their alignment, and by all who live in their city.  They exist to protect the city, and they have no clerics:  sacrifices are made by tossing gifts through the front door of the temple.

 The Gods of Trouble are lesser gods.  They and their worshippers are chaotic evil, but they care nothing for their worshippers.  However, the high priest of this cult has the ability to cause whoever he stares at to fail in whatever they are doing.

 Hate is also a lesser god, chaotic evil like those who worship him.  100 worshippers and a priest of at least 10th level can summon it and send it out at night to do harm, but have no control over it.

 Issek of the Jug is a lawful good demigod who preaches perseverence under hardship.  His followers are poor, but he sometimes manifests himself by replacing victims on the rack, destroying the rack, and killing the torturers.  His followers share his alignment.

 Kos is a greater god.  God of Dooms, he is true neutral, and worshipped by both those who share that alignment and fighters.  He destroys any of his own worshippers who show fear.

 Nehwon Earth God wishes to return all of earth to its primitive molten state.  A lesser god, he and his worshippers are chaotic evil.

 Rat God is a lesser god who receives human sacrifices by the light of the full moon.  He and his worshippers are chaotic evil, and wererats are commonly among his followers.

 Red God is a true neutral lesser god worshipped by "eastern" warriors in addition to true neutrals.  He will sometimes aid important worshippers by sending an 8th level magic user to assist when they are in foreign lands.

 The Spider God delights in human sacrifices, and rewards his clerics by giving each a pet large spider for each ten sacrifices.  He and is followers are chaotic evil.  He is a demigod.

 Tyaa, a lesser goddess, is the Winged Goddess of Evil Birds.  She and her worshippers are chaotic evil, and banished from the civilized cities.  Men may not be high priests, but may be Falconers, with an avian fighting companion.  The more attractive worshippers in this cult may be required to sacrifice body parts.

 Votishal and his followers are lawful good--but he is a thief.  Clerics of this demigod gain a level as cleric, then a level as thief, alternately; they are required to rob from evils and their temples.  The sect very zealously opposes all evil, and often kidnaps thieves from the thieves guild to attempt to convert them to this faith.

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