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AD&D Deities:  Melnibonean
  The Melnibonean world was created by Michael Moorcock.  Its gods are always trying to control various worlds or the forces of law and chaos themselves, and they often appear within the world as an avatar of a single specific class.  Holy symbols are abstract, the dominant ones being the single upward arrow for law, and the eight-direction arrow for chaos (the primary tension in the Isle of Melnibone).  Although many (mostly chaotic) gods were mentioned in the early stories, they were little detailed at the time of the publication of TSR's material; and as Moorcock continues to write, the player today may be aware of gods in this realm not included in this material.  There are some special magic items, and some unusual related creatures.  Each type of animal has a god related to it and worshipped by it.

 Arioch, The Knight of the Swords, is a major figure in this world, and a greater god.  He and his worshippers share a chaotic evil alignment.  He may give advice if human sacrifices are made to him.

 Darnizhan is a lesser god.  He is listed as the greatest of the "Dead Gods" who ruled before the gods of law and chaos; he and his worshippers are neutral evil, and he was the god of earth, but at present he mostly hides from the new gods.

 Donblas the Justice Maker is a lawful good deity of great beauty--so much so that although he is worshipped by those who share his alignment, anyone below level 12 who enters his presence will fall down in homage before him.  This greater god has been driven from the prime material plane by the forces of chaos, and waits to be summoned back.

 Fileet, Lady of the Birds, is a demigoddess worshipped primarily by birds who share her chaotic neutral alignment.

 Grome is Lord of Earth and King of the Land Below the Roots.  A lesser god, this true neutral is king of earth elementals, and is worshipped by those who share his alignment and live under the ground.

 Haaashastaak is a demigod, Master of All Lizardkind.  Although true neutral and worshipped by reptiles of that alignment of all kinds, he has been known to eat summoners who were unable to return him to his own realm.

 Kakatal is a lesser god.  As the Fire Lord, he is chaotic neutral, but worshipped by all fire creatures and no humans.

 Meerclar, Mistress of Catkind, is worshipped by chaotic neutral cats.  She is a demigoddess with few human worshippers.

 Misha, a lesser god, is Lord of the Wind Giants.  This true neutral is worshipped by air elementals and their ilk almost exclusively, and by no humans.

 Nnuuurrrr'c'c' is King with Wings, Master of the Insect Swarm.  A demigod, this true neutral is worshipped by all insects and few humans.

 Nuru-ah, Master of Cattle, is another true neutral demigod.  Worshipped by cows, he has few human followers.

 Pyaray is a lesser god, Whisperer of Impossible Secrets.  As Lord of the Ocean Abysses, this chaotic evil commands a flotilla of sunken ships manned by undead sailors.  His worshippers share his alignment.

 Roofdrak is Master of All Dogs, another of the true neutral demigods rarely worshipped by humans.

 Straasha is a lesser god.  As Lord of the Water Elementals, this true neutral is served by perhaps no humans but many water creatures.

 Xiombarg is a greater god of chaotic evil alignment who usually appears in female form.  He may respond favorably to blood and soul sacrifices from his chaotic evil worshippers.

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