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AD&D Deities:  Krynn
  Krynn has a pantheon which is carefully balanced between good, neutral, and evil gods.  Neutrality in Krynn tends toward chaos.  Only Holy Orders of the Stars may be clerics of these gods, and most Krynn characters will be adherents of these faiths, even among demihumans and humanoids, since these are the only gods permitted to exercise power in the lands of Krynn.  These gods are not designated by greater, lesser, or demigod; however, their clerics receive bonus spells related to the specific god's interests; however, they are not free to use all cleric spells, and are limited instead to specific spheres plus a few additional spells.  Also, the alignment of worshippers is not necessarily limited, but generally matches that of the god.

 Paladine is head of the good gods.  Father of Good and Master of the Law, he is lawful good.  He is father of the twins Kiri-Jolith and Habbakuk, and of Solinari; and Mishakal is his consort; he and the twins founded the Knights of Solomnia.  His clerics may cast spells which are astral, charm, guardianship, protection, and stellar, plus Bless, Cure Light Wounds, and Flame Strike.  All of his clerics may cast Detect Balance and Reflecting Pool as extra spells.

 Majere is preferred by monks, although he is neutral good.  He grants to his followers symbols which turn to insects and protect their owners.  The spells of his clerics include astral, charm, divination, and summoning, plus Repel Insects, Insect Plague, and Creeping Doom; additionally, all can cast Charm Animals, Summon Insects, and Silence 15' Radius.

 Kiri-Jolith is a lawful good War God.  He is son of Paladine and Mishakal, twin of Habbakuk and brother of Solinari.  Together with Paladine and Habbakuk, he founded the Knights of Solamnia.  His worshippers include many paladins and good fighters.  All of his followers are +1 to hit if in good standing.  His clerics are powerful in battle, but expected to maintain their goodness above all else.  Their spells include astral, combat, guardianship, and reversed healing, as well as a long list of others:  Detect Snares & Pits, Penetrate Disguise, Predict Weather, Find Traps, Heat/Chill Metal, Death's Door, Magical Vestment, Cloak of Fear/Bravery, Quest, Slay Living, Heroes' Feast, Finger of Death, Wither, Energy Drain, Destruction.  They always can cast Detect Magic and Create Food & Water.

 Mishakal is well known as the Goddess of Healing.  She is also called the Light Bringer, as she brought knowledge of the gods and the healing arts back to the world.  She is consort and advisor to Paladine, and mother of the twins Kiri-Jolith and Habbakuk, and of Solinari.  All healing spells cast by or on her followers gain an additional die of healing.  Spells of the astral, charm, creation, divination, healing, necromantic, and stellar types are all available, plus Animal Friendship, Bless/Curse, Endure, Cold/Heat, Resist Cold, Chant, Silence 15' Radius, Stone Shape, Water Walk, and Holy Word.  All can cast Prayer, Remove/Bestow Curse.  She is lawful good.

 Habbakuk is God of Animal Life and the Sea, and holds a special place in the hearts of rangers and sailors.  This neutral good son of Paladine and Mishakal, twin of Kiri-Jolith and brother of Solinari believes in the harmony of nature, and preaches peace, but is founder together with Paladine and Kiri-Jolith of the Knights of Solamnia.  His cleric's powers include the animal and elemental spheres, plus Create Food and Water, Commune with Nature, Heroes' Feast, Speak with Monsters, Forbiddance, and Conjure Animal.  They can always cast Locate Animals, Spiritual Hammer, and Detect Life.

 Branchala is a neutral good friend of Habbakuk.  He creates wondrous music.  His followers gain +2 on all artistic proficiencies, and his clerics may cast spells related to plants, stellar, and weather, plus Detect Snares & Pits, Slow Poison, Create Food & Water, Neutralize Poison, Quest, Aerial Servant, and Heroes' Feast.  They always have Detect Life and Locate Plants available.

 Solinari is the son of Paladine and Mishakal, brother of the twins Kiri-Jolith and Habbakuk, and the Master of Good Magic.  He is represented by the moon that shares his name, and is the patron of all Wizards of the White Robes.  Lawful good, he confers upon his clerics those spells which are like those of his wizards:  abjuration, charm, conjuration, divination, enchantment, and evocation.  They have no automatic spells.

 Gilean heads the gods of neutrality; he himself is true neutral.  He holds the Tobril, a book that contains all of the knowledge possessed by the gods.  His followers receive +1 on all non-weapon proficiency rolls.  Clerics in his service may cast spells related to astral, creation, divination, and protection, as well as Speak with Animals and Messenger, but they have no bonus spells.

 Sirrion is the God of Flame and Natural Power, credited with bringing nature into existence.  Shinare is his companion, but they quarrel a great deal.  His followers are bonused +1 on spells related to fire, and his clerics may cast spells from the combat, guardianship, healing, and summoning spheres; they have no other spells, and no automatic bonus spells.  The god is true neutral.

 Reorx the Forge brought all chaos under the direction of the gods.  He commands creation and technology.  Although humans look on him as Kiri-Jolith's squire, dwarfs and gnomes consider him the highest of the gods; he is father of gnomes, dwarfs, and kender in Krynn.  His followers gain +2 on craft proficiencies, and his clerics use combat, creation, elemental, and stellar spells, but no others.  He is true neutral.

 Chislev, companion to Zivilyn, is nature incarnate.  This true neutral goddess is favored by elves.  Her clerics use only animal, healing, plant, and weather spells.

 Zivilyn is said to be the wisest of the gods, the God of Knowledge.  He is companion to Chislev and advisor to Gilean.  His partnership with Chislev is said to be the ideal blend of harmony and understanding.  Clerics may cast astral, divination, and necromantic spells.  He is true neutral.

 Shinare is the favorite goddess of the dwarfs, although they picture her as male.  She is also Goddess of Wealth, Money, and Industry, and the patron of merchants and commerce.  Sirrion is her companion, but his fondness for nature opposes her desire for progress.  She is also true neutral, and her clerics may use charm, creation, guardianship, and protection spells, and always have Locate/Obscure Object as a bonus spell.

 Lunitari is the God of Neutral Magic, and daughter of Gilean (her mother is not known).  She is true neutral, and her clerics may cast spells of the same spheres as Wizards of the Red Robes:  alteration, conjuration, divination, illusion, invocation, phantasm, and summoning.  They have no other spells.  Lunitari is associated with the moon which bears her name.

 Takhisis is the Queen of Darkness, Dragon Queen, She of Many Faces--the head of evil gods in Krynn.  She wishes to rule all of creation.  Sargonnas is her consort, and Zeboim and Nuitari are their children.  Although they are not at odds with each other, they will oppose each other to better their own positions.  She often appears in the form of a chromatic dragon, and some suppose that she and Tiamat are the same person.  However, she is lawful evil, not at all chaotic.  Her clerics cast astral, guardianship, protection, and summoning spells, plus Spiritual Hammer, Create Food & Water, Flame Strike, and Unholy Word; they also have Animate Object as a bonus spell.

 Sargonnas is the lawful evil God of Vengeance, and often participates in plots both for and against queen Takhisis, whose consort he is.  His clerics cast astral, charm, combat, healing, and summoning spells, plus Protection from Fire and Animate Object.  They also carry the bonus spells Resist Fire and Know/Obscure Alignment.

 Morgion is God of Disease, Decay, and Plague.  Neutral evil, he never works with the other gods.  His worshippers meet in secret to perform foul deeds.  Clerics may cast astral, healing, and plant spells, and also Create Food & Water, but they have no bonus spells.

 Chemosh, Lord of the Undead, is lawful evil.  His followers hope for immortality, but usually end up with the imitation of eternal corruption.  Clerics of this faith cast astral, combat, and necromantic spells, plus animate object, but have no special bonus spells.

 Zeboim is the Sea Queen, daughter of Takhisis.  She controls storms and weather, and is extremely tempermental, and chaotic evil.  Animal, elemental, and weather spells are within the power of her clerics, along with Create Food & Water and Animate Object; they get no special bonus spells.

 Hiddukel is a marvelous barterer who controls all of the ill-gotten wealth in the world.  He uses this to corrupt greedy men.  Chaotic evil, he is also associated with mischief.  His clerics may cast divination, guardianship, and summoning spells, and no others.

 Nuitari is the twin brother of Zeboim, son of Takhisis and Sargonnas.  Although he is lawful evil, he separated himself from the other evil gods to join Solinari and Lunitari as God of Black or Evil Magic.  His clerics may cast spells from any sphere available to Wizards of the Black Robes:  charm, divination, enchantment, illusion, necromantic, phantasm, and summoning.  They have no other spells.  He is associated with the moon which bears his name.

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