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AD&D Deities:  Japanese
  In the Japanese mythos, there is a strong animistic undertone:  all things have a kami, a spirit of their own, which deserves reverence; larger or more important things have greater kami.  The kami may become corporeal and defend their place with illusionist or druidic spells.  The gods are ideal types, models to emulate, and the worshipper may achieve godhood through faith and ability.  Shintoism, the original faith, has strong nature ties, with temples connected to trees or gardens.  Shrines face south or east, north and west being regarded as unlucky, and at least one gateway will precede the entrance.  Clerics of both genders will be in attendance at any temple.  Holy symbols include the mirror (connected with Amaterasu Omikami), the sword, and the cluster of perfect gems.  Transgressions against the faith may be punished by loss of abilities; clerics especially are susceptible to loss of strength or dexterity for minor failures, and of spell use for major sins.  Greater service may lead to restoration of these abilities.

 Amaterasu Omikami is Goddess of the Sun, and joint head of the pantheon (with Susanowa and Tsukyami).  This greater goddess is lawful good, and worshipped by those of the same alignment.  She is mother of the pantheon.

 Ama-Tsu-Mara, God of Blacksmiths, is a true neutral lesser god worshipped by metal workers.  He sometimes blesses weapons dedicated to him by their makers.

 Daikoku is the God of Wealth and Luck.  A lesser god, he is lawful good but worshipped by those wishing luck and riches.  He is patron of all farmers, able to control weather and provide a good harvest.  He also controls the growth of plants and animals.  The normal sacrifice is large quantities of wealth.

 Ebisu is the God of Luck through Hard Work.  This lawful good lesser god rewards those who work hard with bountiful harvests or good prices for the fruits of their labors.  His worshippers generally adhere to his alignment.

 Hachiman the War God is only a demigod, but this chaotic good is worshipped by warriors of all stripes.

 Kishijoten is a neutral good Goddess of Luck, but this lesser goddess is worshipped by all seeking luck.  She sometimes gives luck to warriors in battle.

 Oh-Kuni-Nushi is Patron of Heroes and The Great Land Master.  A demigod, he is worshipped by good heroes of any ethic in addition to others who share his chaotic good alignment.  His clerics must perform a heroic act in order to advance to the next level, and preach and live a heroic existence.

 Raiden, God of Thunder, Patron of Fletchers, is a greater god.  He and his worshippers are true neutral.  Fletchers among his followers may in the course of their lifetime make ten exceptional arrows which will become arrows of slaying mortals; however, only the god himself will know which arrows they are.

 Susanowo, a greater god is Storm God and Lord of the Seas.  He is chaotic neutral, and is worshipped by chaotics generally.  He is head of the pantheon jointly with Amaterasu Omikami and Tsukiyomi.

 Tsukiyomi is the Moon God, and as a greater god shares headship of the pantheon with Amaterasu Omikami and Susanowo.  He is neutral good, and worshipped by goods of all ethics.

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