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AD&D Deities:  Indian
  The Indian pantheon in D&D mixes vedic and Hindu concepts together.  Worshippers in this mythos are born what they are, following absolutely in the profession of their fathers.  No character in this mythos has siblings who are any other profession, no character changes classes.  Characters of higher social standing are highly respected, obeyed or left alone.  Magic users are the most respected.  All prayers are answered by this pantheon, provided the sacrifices are properly made; if the prayer is not answered, it means there is some flaw in the ritual, which should be repeated until it is done right.  Worshippers all wear markings indicating the deity to whom they are connected.  The gods can appear as "avatars", limited incarnations of themselves; any number of avatars of any god may be on earth on unrelated missions at the same time.

 Indra is a greater god, God of the Atmosphere, Storms, and Rain.  In addition to those who share his chaotic neutral alignment, he is worshipped by farmers.

 Agni is God of Fire and Lightening.  This greater god and his worshippers are chaotic neutral.

 Kali, Black Earth Mother, is a lesser goddess whose worshippers all follow her chaotic evil alignment.  She is destruction incarnate, leading the other gods in battle due to her ability to inspire fear even in powerful devils and demons.  There are many assassins among her followers, and her defenders frequently fight in a frenzy until they are slain.  Blood and human sacrifices are expected.

 Karttikeya, Demigod of War, is a chaotic good demigod worshipped by those of like alignment and by warriors.  His primary purpose is to oppose devils and their allies.

 Lakshmi is a lesser goddess, Goddess of Fortune, who is worshipped by those who adhere to her chaotic good alignment and by those who seek luck.  She is the wife of Vishnu.

 Ratri is the Goddess of the Night, Thieves, and Robbers.  This demigoddess and her worshippers are neutral evil, although she is also worshipped by thieves of other alignments.

 Rudra, a greater god, is Lord of Animals, Storm God, and God of the Dead.  He controls the spread of disease and its remedies, and infects those for whom it is time to die.  He and his worshippers are lawful neutral.

 Surya is the lawful good Sun God.  The worshippers of this greater god are also lawful good.

 Tvashtri is the Demigod of Artifice and Science.  This demigod and his worshippers are true neutral, but his clerics are expected to be innovative and resourceful in problem solving.  He is patron of artisans and inventors.

 Ushas is Goddess of the Dawn, a lesser goddess who is neutral good.  She opposes evil and darkness.

 Varuna is a greater god, God of Order, Protector of Oaths.  Lawful neutral, there is a chance that he will punish any oathbreaker.  His worshippers share his alignment.

 Vishnu, as God of Mercy and Light, is a greater god.  All good alignments worship this lawful good, who expects his clerics to oppose evil staunchly, but to show mercy to redeemable defeated opponents.  Lakshmi is his wife.

 Yama is the lawful neutral Demigod of Death.  He is worshipped by those who are ethically neutral.  It is this demigod's right to judge the dead, to determine to which plane the deceased worshippers of this pantheon will be sent.

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