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AD&D Deities:  Finnish
  Clerics of the Finnish mythos consider themselves above normal men, and are quite willing to use their spells against anyone who threatens their power or offends them.  However, in the stories, men are more important than the gods (although the gods are more powerful).  There are a few unique magic items in this mythos.

 Ukko is the Supreme God of the Kalevala.  Worshipped by all good alignments, he is a lawful good greater god known as very unlikely to intervene in mortal affairs directly, but highly likely to send one of his Air Maidens to advise or rescue a believer.  He is master of the sky and the air, responsible for the weather, protector of avian life (birds), and supporter of the world.  He supports good in all forms and at all times.

 Ahto is the important God of Seas and Waters.  Sacrifices are made to this greater god by putting valuables into deep water.  He and his worshippers are neutral good.  He frequently sends his shield man, the Water Dwarf, to aid those who call upon him.

 Hiisi is a greater god, God of Evil.  He and his worshippers are chaotic evil.  He is always aiding evil creatures somewhere, generally indirectly by sending small groups of fourth-level fighters to their aid.

 Ilmatar is said to be the daughter of the air, and is the mother of the hero Vainamoinen, thus making her the Goddess of Mothers.  She is a lawful good lesser goddess worshipped by lawfuls of all stripes.

 Kiputytto, Mother of the Plague, is the Goddess of Sickness.  Obviously, the worshippers of this chaotic evil demigoddess share her alignment; they also all appear to have survived some horrible disease which has left them scarred or disfigured.

 Loviatar, Maiden of Pain, is the Goddess of Hurt.  This demigoddess is worshipped by evils of every type, but is lawful evil herself.

 Mielikki is a neutral good lesser goddess worshipped by goods of any ethic.  Mistress of the Forest, this Goddess of Nature watches over rangers, forest creatures, and especially dryads.  She has been known to attack those who destroy the forest--woodcutters know to plant two trees for every one cut down so as not to incur her wrath.

 Surma, Demigod of Death, is neutral evil.  This demigod is worshipped by evils of any ethic.  He is said to wander the earth challenging mortals to combat to the death, but if refused to follow them and kill them in their sleep.

 Tuonetar, Goddess of the Underworld, is a greater goddess.  As the wife of Tuoni, she and her followers are chaotic evil.

 Tuoni is the husband of Tuonetar, and God of the Underworld.  Also a greater god, he is worshipped by chaotics of all ethics; although chaotic neutral, he has evil tendencies.  He will sometimes come to oppose efforts to raise a character from the dead.

 Untamo is a lesser god, the true neutral God of Sleep and Dreams.  He does not like to be summoned, and is worshipped by those who share his alignment.

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