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AD&D Deities:  Egyptian
  The Egyptian mythos has a great variety of gods of many types and alignments.  The game follows the earlier pantheon, ruled by Ra, in which Osiris is younger and less important and more gods are active.  Egyptian cities are each dedicated to one god, with temples to other gods there being less significant.  Clerics have particular duties attached to their level as they advance, starting as aids and teachers of the people, then servants of the temple, then rulers of the sect; females are limited in level, but all clerics must marry clerics, and wives often wield their husbands' authority while the husband is away on important missions or battles.  Massive monetary contributions to the temple are required for advancement as a cleric.

 Ra, Pharoah to the Gods, is the Sun God.  Neutral good, and worshipped by those of like alignment, this greater god keeps peace between the gods.  He is able to reduce battles between them to conflicts between their mortal clerics.

 Anhur is the chaotic good God of War.  A lesser god, he is worshipped by warriors.  Sacrifices are made in battle thusly:  the worshipper selects an enemy at least twice as powerful as himself, and promises to kill that opponent in battle.  If he succeeds, there is a slim chance that he may be immediately advanced a full level in experience.

 Anubis, Guardian of the Dead, is a rarity:  a lawful good god of the dead.  This lesser god transports the souls of the dead to their rest and protects their tombs.  He hates thieves, and is usually not pleased with those who resurrect the dead whom he has come to collect.  All alignments worship him.

 Apshai is only a demigod, but this true neutral God of Insects is worshipped by farmers of all alignments.

 Bast the Cat Goddess is a lesser goddess, and an enemy of Set.  Her clerics are bonused in combat against snakes.  Chaotic good herself, she is worshipped by chaotics generally.

 Bes is the God of Luck.  This lesser god is true neutral, but is worshipped by all alignments.  If he is really pleased with the degree of risk undertaken by one of his worshippers, he may grant a luck stone as a gift.

 Geb, also known as Seb or Qeb, is God of the Earth.  This true neutral greater god is worshipped by those of like alignment.

 Horus the Avenger is Son of Osiris.  This lawful neutral lesser god, worshipped by those of like alignment, is also supplicated by those seeking revenge.  A good human seeking a just vengeance may be blessed with a temporary increase of all ability scores to 19.

 Isis is Goddess of Magic and Fertility.  A greater goddess, she is neutral good, worshipped both by those of her alignment and by those involved with magic.  (In Egyptian mythology, Isis is also Mourner for the Dead, but this aspect is not included in the D&D materials.  According to the myth, her husband Osiris was killed, conferring upon her this distinction.)

 Nephthys is a lesser goddess, chaotic good Goddess of Wealth and Protector of the Dead.  Twin sister of Isis, she protects the souls of her chaotic good worshippers after death.  She is also protector of the edges of civilization, and her clerics are expected to actively root out and destroy evil--and to be rewarded by the common people who are protected by them.

 Osiris is God of Nature and the Dead.  This lawful good greater god draws worshippers of his own alignment.  He has been known to grant wishes to his clerics who perform great deeds for the faith.  Second only to Ra, he rules the pantheon in the absence of its usual head.

 Ptah, Opener of the Ways, Creator of the Universe, is (obviously) a greater god.  Worshipped by those sharing his lawful neutral alignment, he is in some sense separate from the pantheon, going his own way.  He honors those who create new ideas and devices.

 Seker is a lesser god, God of Light.  Although he is worshipped by any who worship light, he is neutral good, actively opposes evil, and protects the souls of the neutral good after death.

 Set is God of Evil and the Night.  Lawful evil and worshipped by evils, this greater god opposes Osiris and Horus at every turn.  His wife Nepthys left him when he turned to evil.  Any worshipper who performs a particularly evil act may be graced with the service of his minions for several weeks.

 Shu, God of the Sky, is a lesser god.  Worshipped by all goods, he is lawful good.

 Tefnut is the Goddess of Storms and Flowing Water.  This lesser goddess and her worshippers are lawful good.  She is Shu's sister.

 Thoth is a greater god, God of Knowledge.  Worshipped by seekers of knowledge, he is true neutral, and has complete knowledge of all things magical.

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