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AD&D Deities:  Dwarfs
  Dwarfs have a pantheon of their own which is fairly extensive and orderly.  Player characters, especially dwarfs, may select from among these if desired.

 Moradin is the lawful good head of this pantheon.  A greater god, the Soul Forger created the race of dwarfs from iron and mithril on the forge of the fires at the center of the earth.  He teaches that the dwarfs should regard no race as greater than themselves.

 Clanggedin Silverbeard is The Father of Battle.  This greater god is lawful neutral, and enemy of Grolanter, god of the hill giants.  He is worshipped by all alignments, primarily by dwarfen warriors.

 Vergadain, God of Wealth and Luck, is a true neutral deity with chaotic tendencies.  Patron god of merchants and non-evil thieves, this greater god is also a great poet and bard, and sometimes gives his worshippers veiled clues as to the whereabouts of great treasures.  The god is known as a trickster, and his known worshippers are not fully trusted--however, he is not offended if his worshippers hide or openly deny their allegiance to him, provided they atone with a suitable sacrifice.  His worshippers are drawn from all alignments.

 Dumathoin, a true neutral greater god, is Keeper of Secrets Under the Mountain.  True neutral himself, he is worshipped by all alignments.  He is protector of Mountain Dwarfs and Keeper of Metals (which he lays within the mountains where they may be found).  He is patron of miners, and a close friend of the Greek god Hephaestus.

 Abbathor is the Great Master of Greed.  This neutral evil greater god is worshipped by evils, usually from among the dwarfs.  He seeks to make greed the ultimate motivation of all dwarfs.

 Berronar, a greater goddess, is the lawful good Mother of Beauty, Truth, and Home.  Patroness of marriage and love (but not necessarily romance), she lives with Moradin at the Soul Forge beneath the mountains in the seven heavens.  She has been known to grant temporary paladin abilities to lawful good worshippers of purest heart who make an appropriate sacrifice related to a specific good purpose.  Rarely are any of her worshippers not lawful good.

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