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AD&D Deities:  Cthulu
  Cthulhu mythos is a particularly evil one, filled with gods whose best action toward men is to ignore them.  They are sought, if at all, in a misguided attempt to gain power.  The pantheon was banned from Valdron by Valdar himself, and is unknown in the MyWorld scenario.  Players who choose gods from this pantheon should expect their characters to suffer the attentions of these gods and most likely die horribly from them.  If any of these gods manifest themselves, animals will panic and flee.  As originally conceived by H. P. Lovecraft, these were actually aliens from outer space who were worshipped by ancient humans; however, the general gothic horror flavor of Lovecraft's work has fostered the impression that these were spirit beings.

 Cthulu himself is chaotic evil, a greater god worshipped by those who share his alignment.  His followers hope for his return to rule the world; his presence causes insanity, which may explain this.

 Azathoth is a greater god.  This chaotic neutral mindless blind amorphous stellar-sized mass is the center of the universe.  His clerics are all insane, and those who worship him worship madness.

 Cthuga, Master of the Fire Element, is another chaotic evil greater god.  He is worshipped by non-good chaotics.

 Hastur the Unspeakable, He Who Must Not Be Named, Master of the Air, is also a greater god.  He and his worshippers are chaotic evil.  If his name is named, he is very likely to send minions to slay the speaker; if they are destroyed, he is likely to come do the job himself.

 Ithaqua, Lord of the Air, is a mere demigod.  This chaotic evil is worshipped by those of like alignment.  Known as Wind Walker, he has control of the weather, and is known to take vengeance against those who meddle with his worshippers or temples.  He requires human sacrifices.

 Nyarlothotep is the Messenger of the Gods.  Known as The Crawling Chaos, this chaotic evil demigod is worshipped by those of like alignment.

 Shub-niggurath is a lesser god known as the Black Goat of the Woods with a Thousand Young.  This chaotic evil is said to roam in astral form, doing evil and aiding its like-aligned worshippers.

 Yog-sothoth, greater god, is the Key and Guardian of the Gate.  This chaotic evil horror lives on the astral plane, taking mates from among humans rather randomly.  His worshippers are also chaotic evil.

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