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AD&D Deities:  Chinese
  In the Chinese mythos, there is a highly organized pantheon of gods known as the celestial bureaucracy.  Each area of life is supervised by a god, who reports to a superior god, who reports to the celestial emperor.  Atonement involves sacrifice of valuable items, although particularly heinous crimes may require the death of the sinner to atone.  There are a number of unusual magic items associated with these gods.

 Shang-ti is Supreme God of the Heavens, God of the Sky and Agriculture, and is worshipped by all alignments.  He himself is lawful neutral, a greater god, and he has complete control of the weather.  He is Head of the Celestial Beauracracy, and all other deities are bound by his rulings; he settles disputes between them.

 Chao Kung Ming, Demigod of War, is a neutral good demigod worshipped by warriors of all alignments.

 Chih-chiang Fyu-ya, God of Archers, Punisher of the Gods, is only a demigod.  This lawful evil avenger of offenses committed against the gods and their temples is worshipped by those of his own alignments and by archers.

 Chih Sung-tzu is Lord of the Rain.  This greater god is true neutral, and is worshipped by those of his own alignment and those needing rain.

 Chung Kuel, God of Truth and Testing, is a lawful good greater god.  His worshippers share his alignment.  He grants significant rewards to those who are able to answer his riddles.

 Fei Lien and Feng Po are demigods.  Counts of the Wind, they are always involved in the battles of the gods, and may act as messengers between gods and men.  They and their worshippers are neutral good.

 Huan-ti, God of War, is only a lesser god, but this chaotic good deity is worshipped by warriors in addition to those of his own alignment.  Sacrifices are made by slaying enemies, and removing and burning their heads; there is the possibility that one who sacrifices ten in a row will have his next enemy utterly destroyed by the god.

 Kuan Yin is Goddess of Mercy and Child Bearing.  Lawful good and worshipped by those of like alignment, she is also worshipped by all who suffer.  She rewards those who do good and promote peace, and is worshipped by many of the common people.  Clerics of this greater goddess work to bring peace and end violence in the world.

 Lei Kung, Duke of Thunder, is a lawful evil greater god.  He serves the other gods by punishing errant followers with bad weather, but is worshipped himself by those of like alignment.

 Lu Yueh, a lesser god, is the chaotic evil God of Epidemics.  He is worshipped by those who share his alignment.

 No Cha is the Demigod of Thieves.  This neutral evil demigod is worshipped exclusively by thieves.

 Shan Hai Ching is God of Wind and Sea.  This greater god is lawful neutral, but is worshipped by all who depend on the sea in addition to those who share his alignment.

 Tou Mu, Goddess of the North Star, is a chaotic evil lesser goddess worshipped by evils of all stripes.  She seems to have an affinity for battle and ostentatious wealth.

 Wen Chung is a demigod, Minister of Thunder.  He and his worshippers are chaotic neutral.

 Yen-Wang-Yeh, Judge of the Dead, is a greater god.  He and his worshippers are true neutral, and it is his job to retrieve spirits of the dead who roam the earth.

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