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AD&D Deities:  Central American
  In the Central American mythos, the gods do not have any motivations which appear human.  Clerics have absolute authority over peasants, and over lower level clerics of the same god.  However, erring or failing clerics are dealt with swiftly and soundly.  First level clerics must pick a compass direction toward which to direct their prayers, and they are thereafter bonused when fighting in that direction.  The cleric must wear the clothes appropriate to his compass direction, red for east, yellow for south, black for west, and white for north.  These gods come "from the stars", and are deemed to be from an alternate prime material plane.  Clerics of different gods cooperate openly, but compete secretly.  Rituals are held every twenty days, and occasionally involve human sacrifice, but more commonly require the sacrifice of farm products.

 Quetzalcoatl, God of the Air, is known as the Law Giver.  Although he is lawful neutral, as head of the pantheon he is worshipped by all alignments.  He is patron of the arts and founder of metallurgy, and is also known as Kukulcan, the Wind God.

 Camaxtli is also a greater god.  This true neutral God of Fate is worshipped by all alignments.  Very valuable materials sacrificed by magically casting them into the beyond have a high probability of altering the worshipper's fate for the better.

 Camazotz, the Bat God, is a chaotic evil lesser god worshipped by those of like alignment.  The normal sacrifice to him is large numbers of insects for his bats.

 Chalchiuhtlicue is Goddess of Running Water and Love.  This chaotic good lesser goddess is worshipped by all alignments, and is also known as the Goddess of the Jade Petticoat, and is connected with life and chaste love.  She is more likely to help when love and healing are involved.  The proper sacrifice involves throwing a piece of good jade into a bottomless pool under the full moon while alone.  She is married to Tlaloc.

 Huhueteotl, the Fire God, is a greater god.  He and his worshippers are chaotic evil, and he requires frequent human sacrifices in addition to clothing, gems, and jewelry.  He is also responsible for maintaining time.

 Huitzilopochtli, God of War, is a lesser godTrue neutral in alignment, warriors are his worshippers.  He rarely responds outside the battlefield, and cannot be reached by a commune spell.

 Itzamna is a greater god.  This neutral good son of Tezcatlipoca is God of Medicine, and he teaches mankind healing, letters, and drawing.  His worshippers are goods of all types.  His clerics deal only in blessings, curatives, and writing spells (such as symbol), and will enter combat only when forced to it.

 Mictlantecuhtli is the God of Death, a greater godLawful evil himself, he is worshipped by all alignments.  Copious human sacrifices are required during the dark of the moon.

 Tezcatlipoca, the Sun God, is chaotic evil.  The name of this greater god means "smoking mirror", and in addition to ripening the crops and causing drought, he is also god of the moon and the night, and patron of treacherous schemings and betrayals, as he is constantly plotting to overthrow Quetzalcoatl.  He spreads disorder and war, but also originates wealth.  He receives an annual sacrifice of a perfect young human man; this is usually a war prisoner who has been treated to everything he could desire for a full year prior to the sacrifice.  His worshippers generally share his alignment.

 Tlaloc is the Rain God, a greater god who is lawful evil.  All who need rain worship him.  Infants and children are sacrificed to him so that he will send the right kind of rain at the right time.

 Tlazolteotl is the chaotic evil Goddess of Vice.  This lesser goddess attempts to ruin the virtue of lawful goods.  She is worshipped by those of like alignment.

 Xochipilli, Lord of Flowers, is the God of Gambling and Chance.  He is true neutral, but is worshipped by many from all alignments.  A lesser god, he is pleased with those who take a large calculated risk.  He is generally good-hearted, granting happiness to his followers.

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