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AD&D Deities:  Celtic
  The gods of the Celtic mythos are all served by true neutral druids, although some may also be served by clerics of the same alignment as the god.  Druids do not generally mingle with others, and may only take a mate from among the worshippers of their god.  Celtic gods are very tolerant of their priests' and worshippers' actions, as long as they do not damage nature.  Human sacrifices, usually of condemned criminals, are made four times a year.  Services are held in specially prepared groves, planted with mistletoe and holly, and guarded by wild boars.  The druids wear torcs, ornamental neck rings the value of which reflects the druid's level; and every druid has his own cauldron.

 Dagda the Dozen King is ruler of this loose pantheon.  A greater god, he and his worshippers share the neutrality which characterizes the pantheon generally--he being true neutral himself, and his worshippers adhering to the druidic neutrality in at least one dimension.

 Arawn, as The Dark One, God of the Dead, breaks the pattern by being lawful evil.  A greater god, he is worshipped by all who worship death.

 Brigit is Goddess of Fire and Poetry.  A true neutral lesser goddess, her worshippers gather from all alignments for their love of these things.  She is known to grant a temporary increase in level to worshippers who honor her by singing poetry during battle.

 Diancecht, Physician of the Gods, is a lawful good lesser god worshipped by healers.  He heals without regard to alignment, friendship, or other status, and can restore to life any creature who has not lost its head.

 Dunatis, God of the Mountains and Peaks, is a lesser god.  He and his worshippers are true neutral.  He has been known to raise or flatten mountains in an instant, usually related to the presence of a fortress.

 Goibhnie (the "bh" is pronounced almost as "v") is the Blacksmith of the Gods, and as such is worshipped by those working in metal as well as those who share his true neutral alignment.  He is known to make weapons which never miss and amulets which protect absolutely against a particular spell.

 Lugh, Long-handed, is the God of Generalities.  A true neutral greater god worshipped by those who share his alignment.  He is said to understand druidism better than any other being.

 Manannan Mac Lir, God of the Sea, is a greater god.  Those who use the sea worship this chaotic neutral.

 Morrigan as Goddess of War is a lesser goddess, but she is worshipped by all who live by war.  True neutral in alignment, she is served by the demi-goddesses of war Fen, Neman, Badb, and Macha, who are very like her.

 Nuada is also a God of War, God of the Silver Hand.  He is a greater god of true neutral alignment, worshipped by warriors of all types.

 Oghma, God of Knowledge, is The Binder, Patron of All Bards.  He sometimes rewards those who have created beautiful songs, poems, or stories.  This greater god and his worshippers are true neutral.

 Silvanus, a greater god, is God of the Forests and Nature.  This true neutral deity is worshipped by forest dwellers and, of course, druids.

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