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AD&D Deities:  American Indian
  In the American Indian mythos, there is no single ruling god.  Worshippers can make a sacred bundle, although the collection of the items to be included may be several dangerous adventures in themselves.  The owner of such a bundle is bonused on saves, armor class, surprise, and resistance to damage.  Clerics in this mythos may not be charmed by anyone who does not use their name.  However, clerical spells require unusual material components related to the spells, and clerics are depended upon by their worshippers to protect them and to provide them with war paint before battle.  Gods can appear in animal form, rarely and briefly in human form.  Clerics must have special material components for most spells related to the thing which is to be controlled.  Sacrifices are made related to the change of seasons, and the clerics are responsible to remain aloof, and to drive evil away from the worshippers by any and all means.

 Raven is responsible for the creation of the world.  This chaotic good greater god is worshipped by all alignments.  He is known as the great provider for mankind and the giver of fire, but loves to play tricks.  Offerings of food are the most successful approach to him, and he is most likely to aid when his worshippers are in need of necessities.

 Coyote is a lesser god of chaotic neutral alignment.  He is responsible for teaching arts, crafts, and the use of light and fire, but is primarily a bullying greedy trickster and a cowardly thief.  He is especially worshipped by chaotic neutraals and thieves, who appeal t him for bonuses on their thief skills, or for a grant of a trick in the form of an illusion spell related to light, fire, or darkness.

 Hastseltsi is the Red Lord and the God of Racing.  A lesser god, he is neutral, and is worshipped by all alignments.

 Hastsezini, the Fire God, is known as the Black Lord.  This lesser god is worshipped by villagers everywhere, especially in time of drought, as they fear his wrath.  Thus food and meat is sacrificed to this lawful evil deity.

 Heng, a lesser god, is known as the Thunder Spirit.  He is lawful good, and is worshipped by all good alignments.  He brings rain when needed, and gives luck.

 Hotoro is the Wind God.  He and his worshippers are chaotic good.  He may sometimes provide needed weather or assist the growth of crops, but is also known to destroy those crops if his priests are insulted.  He is a lesser god.

 Shakak the Winter Spirit is a chaotic evil greater god who brings cold weather.  Worshippers of every alignment sacrifice to him by burning valuables to reduce the severity of winter, but no one prays to him for fear he might come.

 Snake-Man is a greater god.  He and his worshippers are chaotic good, and he controls all reptiles.

 Tobadzistsini, the War Spirit, is neutral evil, but is worshipped by warriors of every alignment.  He is a lesser god, and sacrifices to him are made in terms of kills in battle, burned after the victory.

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