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AD&D Character Class:  Bushi
  The bushi is the standard fighter class in the oriental world.  Despite this "typical fighter" status, the bushi has a number of interesting abilities stemming from the fact that most bushi are poor, and must be able to provide for themselves at minimal cost.

  The prime requisite of the bushi is strength.  If strength is at least 14, the character gains a 10% bonus on experience.  Bushi must have at least a 9 strength, and an 8 dexterity and constitution.  Normal fighter constitution bonuses apply to hit points, and strengths of 18 are entitled to a percentile roll for extraordinary strength.  They use d10 hit points per level, fight and save as fighters, and can use any armor and weapons, although there is an honor penalty for proficiency in Ninja weapons.  They may specialize in any (one) weapon if the decision to specialize is made at character creation.

  All bushi have ten proficiency slots.  Because of poverty, six of these are automatically assigned to the skills necessary to maintain equipment:  armorer (2), weaponsmith (3), and bowyer/fletcher.  Also, bushi gain a special armor class bonus from fighting so often in poor armor.  At every fifth level, his armor class improves by one.  This is in addition to any bonus for dexterity or martial arts, and applies regardless of any armor worn.

  Bushi are frequently in demand for their skills.  Commonly they are hired to defend poor villages; they also frequently find work using their other skills or as laborers.  Since bushi are known to be good hard workers able to defend in time of need, they automatically receive hospitality in any non-hostile village or town.  This means shelter of at least the quality of a leaky stable, and food which may be lousy but will meet the character's nutritional needs.

  Bushi also gain the benefit of the "scrounge rule".  Because of their poverty, they are masters of locating useful equipment which nobody is using.  The base chance (which may be adjusted for the equipment sought) is 20% in any village, but increases to 25% in a medium-sized village, 30% in a large village, 40% in a small town, 60% in a large town, and 90% in any city.  The item will be available for the taking (free, five-finger discount), but good characters will pay half price if they have the money, and lawful good characters will not take equipment for which they cannot afford to pay half price.

  They also have the ability to pick pockets, limited to cash strings of the sort carried by oriental characters, by cutting or lifting them.  The chance is 18%+2% per level; on any roll of 95 or higher the attempt is discovered.  Good characters will only use this ability against acknowledged enemies, and lawful good characters also will not use the ability except in dire poverty.  (The use of the skill for good purposes must be evaluated by the referee according to the circumstances.)

  The bushi has a single ki power.  If he enters a fight with a fierce kiai (shout), he increases his effective level by two for one turn.  This includes using the attack matrix and number of attacks and saving throws as if two levels higher, as well as gaining 2d10 (+con bonus) temporary hit points which are used before the character's normal hit points.  The skill can only be used once per day, regardless of the character's level.

  The bushi may establish himself as a warlord at level 9.  This involves capturing or clearing an estate and marking its boundaries.  Once done, (d4+2)x10 first level bushi will apply for positions.  If the character establishes a good reputation as a good leader who pays skilled men well, additional bushi may apply.  All bushi remain only as long as they are paid and the character's cause is not doomed.  When the bushi warlord reaches level 12, d6 first level samurai will apply for positions--a very important event which signals the bushi's arrival in upper levels of society.

 Advancement table:


250000 xp/level above the 12th.

  Oriental Humans, any Hengeyokai, Korobokuru, and any Spirit Folk may be Bushi.

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